Some notes about the images on this site; and how to purchase them.

As reproduced here, most images appear to be around the same size. In fact they range from approximately 20x28 cm to 40x50 cm.

If you are interested in a particular image, get in touch (email here) and I will advise what sizes are available and at what prices.

I do have more than one copy of a small number of images.

Prices range from AU$4,000 up.

All the images were printed by Wolfgang Sievers on archival paper, signed, dated and titled by him within frame borders (when shown here) or verso. When framed, those signed verso can be mounted without glue, so their signatures can be verified without damage to the print.

If framed, the frames used are as those chosen by WS.

In accordance with Wolfgang's wishes, all monies raised
will go directly to a variety of humanitarian causes.

Julian Burnside