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Bet Your World!

It's Climate Roulette. Feeling lucky?

97 out of 100 climate scientists predict crisis after crisis if we keep polluting our air.

Click on the wheel and, 97 times out of 100, you'll 'win' what you can expect if our politicians go on pretending it's OK.

The 3 out of 100? Let's say the deniers are right - and all we win is a cleaner world. 

Bet Your World Roulette. You're playing. 

You don't get a choice.

Nowhere to hide

"But what difference can I make?"

A huge majority of Australians think that way.

They know there's a crisis coming and they know what's causing it, but they think it's just too big for any one person to make a difference.

But the answer is right there: "A huge majority..."

Our problem is that so many of us think there's little we can do that the people we elect to represent us think it's an issue they can downgrade.

We have to get the issue up there. When we change the social climate, when people are talking about it, the political climate must follow.

That's what Climate for Change is giving you a way to do. It's changing the social climate one gathering at a time and it's spreading from home to home like Tupperware.

Check it out. You can do that here.

Where did the science come from? Why can you trust it?

A short article by an MIT professor which lays out what began as an insight 120 years ago which grew to predict how the climate would warm.

Spend 5 minutes here.

The good news...

A lot of people are doing a huge amount of great work. They're doing what's right for all of us.

See how there can be economic success in a clean world by checking out Beyond Zero Emissions.

And there's more at ClimateWorks.

And that's only a tiny fraction. There's more here and Dr Google has good news here.

Learn more, do more...

See what scientists you can trust are reporting at the Climate Council.

CLICK! to email anyone who risks living in a dangerous climate (that's everyone you know).

Take a look at what The Guardian is up to (it's more than slightly interesting).

Tell your MP that this is a vote-changer

Tell your MP (they're all here) that you'll be voting for a safe climate.

Need some words? Try these:

Dear XXX,

You're an MP, I'm a voter in your electorate.

I'm doing what I can to lower my emissions, but the real solution is bigger than me. It's going to take inspired political action.


Next election, my vote is going to the candidate for the Party which will make the clearest move to lowering Australia's scandalous CO2 pollution.

Let's hope that's you.