Karl Slotboom. Verdigris.

the artist looks at his world

sees it in searing relief

deteriorating. rust.



of civility

of human life

of every living thing

you'll be moved

not gently


prepare to meet your conscience.

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"... a near-lifetime spent realising the imaginations of others."

Karl Slotboom has long owned Illusions Studios, film studios and workshops which have provided the stages for some of the most memorable film and TV commercial production in Melbourne. One of the pillars on which the Melbourne film industry has been built.

In parallel, Karl the thinker, Karl the artist.

The centre-piece is a profoundly disturbing life-size figure of a refugee fleeing his shattered past, bearing the burden of the life left behind in the form of a massive, crumbling, concrete wall.

Karl's heart is on his sleeve. And it bleeds.

"Please congratulate Karl from me: the work is very compelling." Julian Burnside

Struggling man
Steel, concrete and timber

"Karl's work creates an organic/industrial dichotomy – a mix of strength and fragility. It makes the sculptures very satisfying to draw." Dianne Gameson

Steel and concrete

"Karl's iron rods remind me of Emily Kngwarreye's brush strokes. The flatness of my pelican silhouettes was designed to contrast with the organic ironwork — in this case, on Karl's bird sculpture. It's spookily reminiscent of the Hitchcock movie - The Birds." Bruce Baldwin

Crow in rust
Steel and concrete

"This is Karl. Hands on and always willing to get those hands dirty. His choice of media, steel and concrete, is not for the faint-hearted, it takes a particular artist, a force of nature to build meaningful objects. I wanted to explore myself the almost analytic study of the skeleton, almost like the 16th century scientific illustrations, in search of anatomical knowledge." Paul Meehan

Stork With Food
Steel and concrete

"Karl's work is loaded with emotion. The materials used are perfectly in tune with the subject matter which results in really powerful statements that are full of energy and feeling." Pamela Andrews

American Eagle in decline
Steel, concrete and canvas


"Karl's sculptures intrigue as they create an image of decay at the same time being very powerful." Ted Powell

Death of Pegasus
Steel and concrete

"... loaded with emotion, a mix of strength and fragility."

Reclining Crow in oil
Concrete and steel


Karl Slotboom
0418 144 827