Bid for Freedom is over for another year, but...

Another auction, another extraordinary success (between them, the auctions have raised close to $400,000).

Only one of the Wolfgang Sievers photos sold. The others are now available at prices well below those which have been realised at other auctions since Wolfgang's death.

For more information, or to see the works, contact us here

Bid for Freedom. Fine art auction of artist-donated work to benefit refugees. Glen Eira Council Gallery, March 1-5, 2006

Wolfgang Sievers

Vincent Fantauzzo

Verna Woods

["Where else can you see such an extraordinary range of artists' work?"]

Tony Sowersby

Tim Bass

Tess Noonan Egan

Terry Matassoni

Teresa Dowd

Tate Adams

Sue Lock

Stieg Persson

Steven Rendall

Soula Mantalvanos

Shirley Cass

["The lives of so many refugees are still dire. The Brigidines are a lifeline."]

Sarah Trethowan

Sarah Faulkner

Rosemary Mangiamele

Rosemary de Dear

Ron Tandberg

Ramana Dean

Phaedra Press

Peter Lee

Peter Jones

Peta Hoefken

Newcraft Publishing

Nevin Hirik

Neil Howe

Morris Lurie

Mike Parr

["There's always something that spins me out."]

Mike Nicholls

Mike Green

Michael Nicholson

Michael Carroll

Mervyn Hannan

Matt Morrow

Marina Charapanovskaia

Maria Leonard

Margaret Neith

Margaret Landvogt


Lynne Boyd

Lisa Over

Lis Bisset

["It's a terrific day. There's a great feeling."]

Linda Hughes

Lance Lessels

Kay Stewart

Kate Durham

Karsten Stier

Karla Knight

Kari Henriksen

Juliet Flesch

Julie Wells

Julie Wain

Julie Carter

Julian Burnside

Judy Horacek

Juan Davila

Joyce Evans

Joy Elizabeth Lea

Josie Wadelton

Joseph Carter

Jorge de Araujo

Jon Cattapan

Jon Campbell

John van Loon

John Howley

Jo Bisset

Jill Symes

Jenny Watson

Jennifer Fletcher

Jenni Mitchell

Jeffrey Kelson

Janet Green

Jane Kneebone

Jacob Carter

Inge King

Hilary Dobson

Helen Ogilbee

Helen Costello

Heather Shimmen

Grahame King

Georgina Simmonds

Gali Weiss

Fleur Rendell

Faye Owen

Elizabeth Presa

["Some very big names sometimes unbelievable prices."]

Dorothy Page

Diane Bapty

David Larwill

Darien Pullen

Dale Cox

Colin Shingleton

Chrisy Dennis

Christopher Köller

Christopher Jennings

Chris Dyson

Cathy Drummond

Carmel O'Connor

Cait Wait

Bill Hay

["It's a fabulous event."]

Beth Louise Randell

Bernadette Keys

Barbara Lee

Ann Marie Power

Ann Howie

Anita Stepano-Ross

Alf Clark

Alexander Stitt

Adam Janali

114 reasons you will kick yourself if you miss the 4th Bid for Freedom Fine Art Exhibition and Auction...

In memory of, and with grateful thanks to, Wolfgang Sievers


More than 100 artists, including some of Australia's finest, are donating works to help the Brigidine Nuns, a group which has quietly been making huge sacrifices to help refugees who are in desperate circumstances. You can help by coming to the auction and buying a work that will be available nowhere else; or simply by making a donation.

For more about the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project, and why refugees still need help, please click here

[The Brigidines 
make sure every last cent 
raised goes to help asylum 
seekers and refugees.

The auction is on the Anzac Day weekend. If you can't make it then, call in and make  your choice then place a silent bid. We'll bid on your behalf up to your limit.

A4 versions of the invitation
for posters/printing are here