"That's it. No more."

"Should we get down to Glen Eira Gallery and see the work close-up?"

"Between April 17 and 26; and for the auction on the 27th?"

"Hm! Expository dialog.
I do wish you wouldn't do that."

Jenni Mitchell
Winter Study
Gouache on paper

Jenni Mitchell's passion for wild places has drawn her to the heart of the Australian desert around Lake Eyre and the polar regions where she has worked as artist-in-residence aboard icebreaker vessels. Here in a mood piece that recaptures fragments of winter that remain in your memory. website
approx value $250
Jenni Mitchell
To the Ice - Images from the Antarctic
signed book

The book contains images taken by Jenni Mitchell on a voyage to the Antarctic. Jenni uses landscape imagery to depict a state of mind, a self portrait and as a vehicle to take the viewer to another place. website
approx value $40
Jenni Mitchell
Mt Arapilies
oil on rag paper

Jenni Mitchell's work has been exhibited and collected extensively throughout Australia and overseas. Jenni currently teaches private classes at Monsalvat. 'Mt Arapilies' is a study of a well known local range which creates a very strong sense of rock against the clear blue sky. website
approx value $1,600
Jenni Mitchell
Twilight Desert sketch
pastel on paper

Jenni Mitchell's small desert sketches form the notes towards her large studio works. This sketch captures the vastness of Australian desert landscapes where huge skies and a distant horizon are essential elements. website
approx value $350
Jeffrey Kelson
Mixed media 90 x 60 cm

Jeffrey Kelson paints in mixed media on hardboard, with landscapes and portraits his favoured subjects. Some of his works are inspired by his work as an architect, this included: carefully observed scenes of life in a house at dusk.
Janet Green
Our Future????
acrylic on hardboard/used timber 45 x 45cm

Janet Green usually paints 'still life' with landscape but this rewarding challenge brings her to barbed wire, recycled timber and the refugees' dreams as the 'still life'. This is one of the few works in the exhibition to comment directly on its cause. It is a fascinating combination of photorealism, representing the dream, within a rougher background. The dream of the future is framed by one of the most familiar symbols of today's refugees. The image of the future is held within the shape redolent of family crests. website
approx value $1,500
Jane Kneebone
Blurred Borders
Fleece hand felted on to tissue silk

A wrap or wall hanging composed of dyed fleece felted on to tissue silk to create an ephemeral design full of movement and coloured layers. Delicate, wearable art with a low-key message that we live in the one world.
Jacob Carter
Studio Nude
Oil on acrylic base on canvas 39.8 x 30cm

This work by Jacob Carter comes from a recent series in oils observing the nude in a studio environment. An experiment with a minimal palette of two complimentary colours over a glossy acrylic base. This work comes across as rejecting classical ideas of studies of the female nude. The colours - basically those of feminism - overpower the figure.
approx value $280
Inge King

The sculptures of Inge King are perceived to be Modernist abstractions with an intensely cosmopolitan flavor. King's works reflect her resistance to conservatism and illustrate the alternative reality of art history; reminiscent of Picasso's images of war and destruction.
Hilary Dobson
Photographic etching 22 x 25 cm

Hilary Dobson is a sculptor, printmaker and ceramic artist. Interests include handbuilt sculptural ceramics, installations with theatrical, ritual and landscape themes and soundscapes. This work is a female magician image - an enigmatic figure carrying the hidden powers of ancient times (part of a series in different media).
Aapprox value $70
Hilary Dobson
Longer Boats
Linocut print 43 x 46 cm

See previous entry. This work is an image of a Viking longship off the Irish coast - inspired by a Cat Stevens song.
approx value $80
Helen Costello
Statuesque Stringybark
acrylic on canvas

Helen Costello loves the bush and represents this in her paintings.
A depiction of a favourite Australian eucalypt.
approx value $250
Helen Ogilbee
River Red Gum
mixed media collage 54 x 66 cm

Helen Ogilbee has worked and exhibited in NE Victoria for the last 30 years. She has used various painting and drawing media and also worked in batik. She responds to the landscape and the people around her. This watercolour of gum tree in landscape is textured with overlays of bark, leaf and torn scraps of landscapes
approx value $250
Heather Shimmen
"Whoo #1"
Linocut & gouache on paper 76 x 56 cm

Heather Shimmen's images wear the mark of an earlier age. They express her love of the engraved line and mesh the calligraphic and spontaneous. Giving text new meaning, the owl among the letters is an ancient image of wisdom.
approx value $600
Grahame King
Untitled, handcoloured monoprint

"... a champion of Australian printmaking", Grahame King has had a long and productive association with the Australian Print Workshop. As well, his role in the establishment of the Print Council of Australia has been described as "gargantuan". By the early 1960s, Grahame had "discarded figuration and joined the first generation of Melbourne abstractionists - his abstractionism finding its finest expression in the print medium of lithography" from: The Art of Grahame King, Sasha Grishin, 2005, Macmillan, which will accompany the sale of this very interesting print. Gift of John Nolan.
approx value $2,000
Georgina Simmonds
Swimming in it 3
Oil on canvas 90 x 90 cm

Georgina Simmonds works in various media - oils, watercolour, digitised images and graphite. She considers it important to support people who work for humanitarian causes and preserving the world's resources.
A vibrant representation of exotic creatures of the deep.
approx value $600
Gary Solomon
Earth Dance
Mixed Media 55 x 102 cm

Gary's work comes from a rich world of innner feeling. There is a humane element in his paintings that sometimes evokes feelings of innocence and joy. He believes that all of us possess an inner wisdom and through painting we can give expression to the passion, vitality and fun which is often denied or supressed. Gary is represented by Gallery 112
approx value $1,000
Gali Weiss
Drypoint etching and photocopy transfer 15 x 19.5 cm

Gali Weiss is currently working on a doctorate on aspects of portraiture. Here she offers a subtle, confronting image. website
approx value $120
Fleur Rendell
The Hall Stand
handcoloured linocut paper 57 x 38 cm, image 43.5 x 29 cm

Fleur Rendell is a printmaker who lives in North East Victoria. Her work has an optimistic tone, it celebrates the beauty of everyday life. website

approx value $75

Faye Owen
Old Fishing Fleet TAO
Pastel, paper 76.5cm x 104.5cm

Faye Owen is a member of Vic Arts, AGRA, PSV & Shearer's Arms Geelong. She began working professionally in pastel in 1991, is a frequent exhibitor and demonstrator at art events and galleries and has received many awards. She has had work published in Australian Artist and Pastel Artist International. Currently she teaches and works at the Dabble 'n' Daub Studio in Geelong. website
approx value $700
Elizabeth Presa
Jardin des Plantes
digital print A1 (84 x 60 cm)

Elizabeth Presa is a sculptor and installation artist. She has been exhibiting extensively in Australia, Asia, Europe and US. Her work attempts to bring together artistic practice and theory; she conducts investigations in this direction as Head of the Centre for Ideas at Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. This photograph was taken of birds in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, in winter. website
approx value $250
Dorothy Page
Approaching Storm, late afternoon - Williamstown
pastel on paper 76 x 60 cm

Dorothy Page is a resident of Williamstown and is fortunate enough to experience the changing light and weather and its effects on the sea and sky. These, together with the ever-changing activity on the river and the Bay and its surrounds, provide a major source of material for her work. A fine example of pastel drawing: an acutely perceived moment beautifully coloured. The threat of storm on the horizon animates the still moment
approx value $400
Diane Bapty
sterling silver and yellow sapphire

Diane Bapty has been producing art jewellery for nearly 50 years. All her pieces are one-off designs. Here, a silver brooch that uses a wide curve and detailed fruity images to symbolise prosperity and plenty. website
approx value $220
David Larwill
acrylic on board 36 x 26 cm

David Larwill is one of the founding members of ROAR studios, established in Melbourne in 1982. His work is distinctively contemporary with stylised images of people and animals evoking a range of feelings, moods and expressions. In January 2008 he had a successful show in New York City. This is a recent work from an established and well regarded contemporary artist. The work is in an emerging form of expressionism and challenges the viewer with a bleak view of humanity.
approx value $4,000
Darien Pullen
Haydn Cello Concerto
charcoal on paper 110h x 78w cm

Darien Pullen teaches drawing, specifically observational drawing. All his work is done from life. This work is a portrait of cellist Marta Brysha drawn while she was rehearsing Haydn. Bravura drawing right down to the movement of the fingers over the string. The viewer sees the movement and is barely conscious of the drawing.
approx value $1,000
Dale Cox
acrylic on canvas 100 x 75 cm

Dale Cox explores notions of space and place both physical and cultural; working across various media from concrete cast large scale public sculpture to found object assemblages to painting on canvas. This painting is an attempt to encapsulate the physicalities of the inner Melbourne business district, playfully employing the device of the vertical high rise of the CBD as a visual device in which to compose iconic, yet abstracted architectural elements. Dale is represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne and Johnson Gallery in Perth
approx value $2,000
Colin Shingleton
Mixed media 15 x 10 x 4.5 cm

Colin Shingleton is a painter and writer who works in Melbourne.
This is his explicit representation of the title of this exhibition.
Christopher Jennings
Red Centre IV
Oil, wax, oxide and sand on board

Christopher Jennings is a self-taught artist who has participated in numerous group and community shows and has held two solo exhibitions. His paintings are included in a number of private collections in Australia and Europe. This painting is from the artist's 2002 exhibition The Centre and The South.
approx value $1,000
Christopher Köller
Temple of the Winds - Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne 2007
type C photograph 56.8 x 45.5 cm

Over the past ten years, Christopher Köller has been photographing gardens with a plastic Diana camera. This is a contemporary photograph, digitally altered to highlight the romantic landscaping of the Victorian era when the Botanical Gardens were laid out
approx value $980
Chrissy Dennis
Rooftops, Canton
oil on board 86.5 x 71 cm

Chrissy Dennis studied photography at Footscray TAFE. This work was done from one of her images. Chrissy was taken by the richness of the vista from a narrow window over these rooftops. Gift of Christa Momot.
Chris Dyson
Finger Tree
Oil on canvas 50 x 40cm

Chris Dyson lives and works in Windsor and has been exhibiting since 1984. An expressionist landscape that provokes the eye. website
approx value $1,000

Cathy Drummond
Footy Fan
Oil on linen 92 x 38 cm

The painting is a still life, a footy fan's book shelf. A great pick-up for Collingwood fans.
approx value $900
Carmel O'Connor
Girl - Asylum Seeker
oil on canvas 40 x 30 cm

Carmel O'Connor had work hung in the Archibald Prize in 2002 and this established her as a portrait painter. She has since painted hundreds of portraits and a portrait of an asylum seeker seemed the correct subject for this painting. Thanks to Dorothy and the Girl.
approx value $500
Cait Wait
San Woman, Nyae Nyae, Namibia - Fair Trade
Oils on canvas 60 x 76 cm

Cait Wait lives near Darwin and is a well-known 'territory' artist and for many years has worked in Aboriginal communities with indigenous artists. Cait also worked in Kiribati for four years and Namibia for one year as an Australian Volunteer during the 90's. Her paintings are influenced by the people and cultures she has lived with during her travels. website
approx value $1,800
Bill Hay
Political Football
oil on wooden panel, wood, metal, football, and barbed wire taken from the Maribyrnong detention centre. 96 x 39 x 30 cm

Bill Hay made this piece in August 2007 when Dr Haneef was being politically persecuted and threatened with jail and detention. From time to time the footy will need to be pumped up.
approx value $1,200
Beth Louise Randell
The Dancing Girls Swing To and Fro
B & W silver gelatin prints plus colour prints behind black card. 105 x 84 cm

Beth Louise Randell is a teacher of visual arts and an artist in many media. She lives and works in North East Victoria. This photographic work on movement features a spinning toy doll and is a photographic essay.
approx value $500
Bernadette Keys
Pink Girl
Photograph 60 x 44cm approx

Bernadette Keys has exhibited in Melbourne, New York and Berlin. She lectured at RMIT University and is a Workshop Teaching Artist with the Arts Centre. She has contributed to numerous art and community projects and her work is held in many private collections. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Pink Girl expresses the sensitivity, delicacy and femininity of the rhododendron.
approx value $650
Barbara Lee
The Gulf
oil paint, spray and crayon
2 x 290 x 290

Barbara Lee is trying to find simple ways to express human experience. In this work it's about being refugees. In this case the gulf is between life at home and life in the new, dark city.
approx value $150
Anne Marie Power
Neckpiece, earrings
Mixed media, collected beads

Unique and beautiful beads collected by the artist in her travels through Asia and Europe and then strung together to create one-off adornments. website
approx value $250
Ann Howie
Across the Valley
chalk, indian ink

A new sort of map where peace emerges from the patterning in an aerial view of the landscape.
approx value $1,000
Anita Stepano-Ross
pastel & charcoal

Anita Stepano-Ross has been painting professionally for 30 years and has exhibited through numerous galleries. She has travelled and painted in Europe, Indonesia and Australia and is represented in collections in The Netherlands, in England and in Australia. Anita is concerned about endangered species especially the orangutans. The birds depicted in this work are, like many others, affected by tree felling.
approx value $600
Alf Clark
Guitars at play, 2007 (detail)
oil on canvas 61 x 46cm

Alf Clark is a graduate in fine arts from RMIT University, majoring in painting. He has exhibited widely in Melbourne, including a solo show at Bundoora Homestead Federation Centre for the Arts. He has works in the La Trobe University Art Collection.
approx value $495
Alexander Stitt A
The Open Road
Print on paper, archival quality inks

Now happily retired and living in Red Hill, Alex Stitt has become a 21st Century print-maker. He continues to explore his version of the meaning of art, life, sport and the world via original artwork which he draws on his Wacom screen and prints in limited editions. This is a limited edition print.
approx value $350
Alexander Stitt
Red Hill Vineyard
Print on paper, archival quality inks

see previous entry The peninsula landscape is a further development for Alex Stitt's subject matter and technique, moving away from fantasy towards a painterly view of his world.
approx value $350
Adam Janali

Adam Janali was an Afghan asylum seeker detained in Port Hedland detention centre. This painting was done while he was in detention in 2002. In detention, Adam painted many murals and was called the Michelangelo of Port Hedland. This is a grim representation, in the Max Ernst manner, of a horrific experience. Gift of Buzz McCarthy.