Bid for Freedom Media Resources

Press Releases/ backgrounders Backgrounder, March, 2008
- current state in Australia, from ASRC
- Bid for Freedom in brief download
brief background

Positive actions of the Rudd government
- and more changes needed
new government
Is there still a need? download
still a need?

The auctioneers Phillipe Batters & Bill McHarg
- why do they do it?
Phil & Bill

Bio's Sr Brigid Arthur
Brigidine Nun. Refugee worker and advocate
Click here for bio.

Ann Morrow
Convenor of 'Friends of Maribrynong.'
Click here for bio.

A4 flyer A4 version of Bid for Freedom invitation click on
pdf 380k

A4 poster A4 'poster'
- can be used alone or to make A3
poster in conjunction with flyer
click on
pdf 392k

Wolfgang Sievers 'Age' obituary link
Works for auction download
photo descriptions

Images for repro. 'Ropemaking, Millers Rope, Melbourne' (1962) 300dpi.jpg
'The Hammersley Ranges in the Pilbara, near Wittenoom' (1975) 300dpi.jpg
'Capitol Theatre' (1973) 300dpi.jpg

Further information: Mary-Lou Howie
0401 811 893

If unavailable, contact
Ann Morrow