The three photographs at left have been signed, described and dated by Wolfgang Sievers on their frame borders (visible from the front). Those at the right have been signed verso, on the backs of the photos themselves. Reproductions of their inscriptions are mounted on the backs of their frames. The photographs are mounted without glue; so verification is possible.

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'Wolfgang Sievers
Capitol Theatre, 1973
Colour 50 x 57cm

Wolfgang Sievers emigrated to Australia in 1938. Specializing first in architectural photography and later in industrial photography, his work is highly sought-after and in many collections; including a major collection at the National Library of Australia. Capitol Theatre is one artist looking at another. Burley Griffin's Capitol Theatre ceiling was saved from demolition but Seivers perhaps thought he'd better make sure we remembered it. Framed. Signed and described by WS on mounting board
approx value $12,500

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Wolfgang Sievers
Ropemaking, Miller's Rope, 1962
Gelatin Silver, B&W 49 x 39 cm

This was Sievers' favourite, portraying, as he said, the dignity of labour. Another print sold recently for $16,500. In his classic black and white photos, Sievers finds beguiling and surprising patterns in industrial and everyday scenes. Framed. Signed and described by WS on mounting board
approx value $16,500

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Wolfgang Sievers
The Hammersley Ranges in the Pilbara, near Wittenoom, 1975
Colour, 40 x 49cm

The ancient patterns of the Australian desert country. Many painters have followed this subject. Seivers shows us how painting and photography overlap. Framed. Signed and described by WS on mounting board
approx value $12,500

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Wolfgang Sievers
Escalator Site, Parliament Station Melbourne 1977

'Escalator site at Parliament Station' 1977 - Seivers makes this construction site into a hellish but beautiful image like Dante's inferno waiting for the condemned to arrive. Framed. Signed and described by WS verso (reproduced here). Gift of WS, courtesy of Julian Burnside.
approx value $15,000

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Wolfgang Sievers
Graduation Ceremony, Wilson Hall, Melbourne University, 1956

A record of one the first graduation ceremonies in the then new Wilson Hall. The architects Bates Smart and McCutcheon made the best of what was a very unpromising period in modern architecture. The wall sculpture is by Tom Bass after a design by Douglas Annand. The organ almost rivals the sculpture. Framed. Signed and described by WS verso (reproduced here). Gift of WS, courtesy of Julian Burnside.
approx value $8,750

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Vincent Fantauzzo
oil on canvas, 23 x 12.5 cm

Courtesy of the artist and The Dianne Tanzer Gallery. Vincent Fantauzzo is the young Melbourne based artist who excited national and international interest - especially in the USA - with his extraordinary triumvirate portrait of Heath Ledger; a portrait which was a finalist (and "came close to winning") the 2008 Archibald Prize. website
approx value $2,000
Verna Woods
Venice Dreaming
Pastel 60 x 45 cm

As a 1970's student of the late tonal painter Alan Martin (of the Max Meldrum School) Verna Woods fell in love with pastels in 2000, after 20 years 'off the boil'. Under tuition of Barbara McManus and Janet Hayes, successful exhibitions have followed group trips to France (2004) and Italy (2006). This work conjures up fond memories of life in Venice. website
approx value $500
Tony Sowersby
The Deportation of Vivian Alvarez Solon
Acrylic on canvas 180 x 120 cm

Represented by Gallery 112 Tony Sowersby is a painter, cartoonist, muralist, portraitist and comic book author and illustrator. Tony won the Bald Archie in 2005 and the People's Choice in 1998, 2004, and 2005. This (huge!) movie poster style image draws on elements of the ending of 'Casablanca' and a cast from the Petrov affair to illustrate a shameful moment in recent Australian history. website
approx value $3,000
Tim Bass
pencil, watercolour, 23.5 x 37 cm

Tim Bass is a Melbourne painter now living in NSW. The artist gets the most out of the media of pencil and watercolour. The result is splendidly modulated colour and structured design.
approx value $1,100
Tess Noonan Egan
Beach Babe Barb
Wire & fly wire 110 x 80 cm

Tess Egan recycles and recreates with some humour. The bather makes a thin outline in wire look voluptuous.
approx value $400
Terry Matassoni

Part of a series made at the Lancaster Press studio in 2001. The series concentrated on largely domestic interiors. They were exhibited in Melbourne in 2001 and 2003 and at the Fremantle Arts Centre in 2004. A double landscape with the contours of a sleeping woman against a built landscape.
Teresa Dowd
oil on canvas 62 x 62 cm

This work by Teresa Dowd focuses on the solitary nature of our lives, and is part of a body of work in which she has redirected her artistic practice from the focus of the figure in the landscape to the power and force of the landscape itself. A forlorn seascape' with a brighter horizon whose luminous blue draws the eye. A work that rewards examination. website
approx value $900
Tate Adams

Tate Adams founded the Crossley Gallery in 1966 to provide a much-needed exhibition space for an embryonic Victorian printmaking movement and to raise the status of printmaking as a serious art form in Australia, inviting Japanese printmakers to exhibit alongside Australians. In 1980, he closed the Crossley Gallery in order to devote his time to Lyre Bird Press, which published artists' books. This is a very fine example of the work of a pioneer print maker from the abstract expressionist period. The art of the gesture - captured in lithograph - reflects the passion of the time for Japanese art and calligraphy. This work is to be sold with Tate Adams' book. Gift of John Nolan.
approx value $1,200
Stieg Persson
charcoal and pencil on paper 78 x 58 cm

In 2001, Stieg Persson's exhibition "Backmasking", in the Glen Eira Gallery, received wide acclaim. In 2004, Anna Schwartz Gallery presented "The Fall", his exhibition of 89 paintings - including three works containing "his trademark white scrollwork on dense, stygian black". In 2003, he was awarded The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize - Australia's richest. His work has been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y. Courtesy of Anna Schwartz Gallery.
approx value $3,500
Steven Rendall
1976 CNDextractorpleaserecycle
Oil on linen 40 x 30cm

Born UK 1969, Steven Rendall has lived and worked in Australia since 2000. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at DeMontfort University, Leicester, he completed an MA in painting at The Royal Academy Schools, London. He is currently a sessional tutor at Monash University and has been involved in the Life is Getting Longer and, more recently, The World's End and Red Lion projects. Here, scenes from the mind of the artist, from the studio to the outer world.
approx value $500
Soula Mantalvanos
Gaspard de la Nuit, No 5/10 & La Divette du Moulin, No 2/15
prints of hard ground etchings

Soula Montalvanos was inspired to do these works while travelling to Paris during the winter of 2006/7. Soula's prints and paintings were recently exhibited at The Convent Gallery in Daylesford. This was Soula's second solo show of the 'Winter Light' series. Delicate etchings of Parisian bars, reflected. website
approx value for pair $590
Shirley Cass
photocopy, canvas, paper, water based fabric paint 65 x 52 cm

Shirley Cass' work has been mainly in mixed media in two or three dimensions. A series of collage works using fabric, photocopy, thread and ink were shown at the Span Gallery. Waxed fabric was used in an installation of outsized forms, exhibited at Red Gallery and at the Jewish Museum of Australia. Shirley is currently working on small sculptures for a show at Red in December.
approx value $350
Sarah Faulkner
The Nappy Truck
oil on linen

Sarah Faulkner is a founding member of Roar Studios. She is a narrative expressionist whose themes often follow cultures of countries she has visited. "Nappy truck" is the term used to describe the colourfully decorated but grossly overladen trucks of Rajasthan that carry their freight tied up in huge white bundles. Sarah travelled to India last year and recently exhibited - at AXXA - the vibrant paintings that resulted.
approx value $2,500
Sarah Trethowan
From whence we came

This work is part of Sarah Trethowan's series exploring patterns suggested by soil/earth.
approx value $195
Rosemary de Dear
Sea Genesis Mandala
digital print on archival matte 52 x 41cm

Rosemary de Dear has been exploring visual art in many forms for a number of years. Over the past five years she has concentrated on experimenting with digital effects in photography. She has made many original mandalas which reveal her fractual explorations. Sea Genesis shows the watery chaos of the oceans in the turbulent time of their creation. website
approx value $300
Rosemary Mangiamele
ink and acrylic on paper 104 x 84 cm

Mangiamele is a Fitzroy artist active in the arts community. She has had seven solo exhibitions and over forty group exhibitions. Her paintings are held in private collections in New York, Europe, Sweden, Ireland and Australia. Rosemary is Vice President of the Contemporary Arts Society. Her paintings are abstract and intuitive, they explore humanity on a spiritual level. They reflect her philosophy and the diversity of life's experiences.
approx value $650
Rosemary Mangiamele

see previous entry
Although this gives many details of a terrible series of events, its tapestry-like image gives it also a terrible beauty
Ron Tandberg A
Sorry about the kids
original, in water-based ink

Ron Tandberg needs no introduction as the famous "Age" cartoonist. This is the orginal art work done in black and white with water-based pen.

Well, it should be. But he who took the pictures for the website missed this one (sorry, Tandberg). It will be at the exhibition and will be here as soon as possible.
Ron Tandberg B
Sorry about the kids
print coloured with watercolour

See previous entry. This is the print used as finished art for publication in the Age on the 13th February, 2008, the day the PM apologised to the Stolen Generation.
Ramana Dean
Threshold 1
acrylic on canvas # 1 /3 120 x 80 cm

Ramana Dean is inspired by the works of Robert Hunter and Ninetta Sombart. This free rendering of numerology and math follows on from a life long exploration of self, word and number. This impression of the great mystery of birth, death and new life emerged from a period of deep reflection. It is dedicated to the memory of his brother whose life was tragically cut short in 1996.
approx value $1,200
Phaedra Press
Pointless Exercise
Oil - shellac on canvas 91.4 x 121.8 cm

Phaedra Press has been doing figurative work and grappling with the concept of the 'political nude'. Everything could be in balance but they seek to destroy that balance by trying to destroy each other because of their small differences. In this work, realism becomes symbolic. Images recall early moving film and the references themselves overlap. website
approx value $700
Peter Jones
Rose - She'd Melt a Heart of Stone
watercolour on paper 30 x 23 cm

Peter Jones' forthcoming exhibition work includes Grampians, Mungo and Flinders Ranges landscapes but he continues to paint striking portraits. Peter has said of this one "She's Red and White Hot. She's Lost and Found in Granular Wash".
approx value $700
Peter Lee
Rivers of Life
etching ink on paper

Peter Lee is a landscape artist interested in the relationship between the material world and the subconcious.
approx value $150
Peta Hoefken
Sea Shore (brooch)
sterling silver and amethyst (cabuchon)
Peta Hoefken is a German born jewellery-maker who came to Australia with her husband in 1956 'in search of a better life'. Her work is exhibited widely and has found its way into a number of public collections.
approx value $450
Newcraft Publishing
Shield Design - 1967
serigraphique 50.5 x 80 cm

Newcraft Publishing printed a series of limited edition serigraphs in 1967. The images were taken from recordings of anthropologist Charles Mountford. From the far north coast of the NT a bark painting that has been reproduced as a limited edition print. Demonstrates the extraordinary gifts of indigenous people for effortlessly decorating difficult shapes with meaningful designs. Gift of Alcaston Gallery.
approx value $335
Newcraft Publishing A
Mythical Emu -1967
serigraphique 51 x 75 cm

A replica of a bark painting from Oenpeli in Arnhem Land NT, reproduced on a new surface from the (bark) original. A fine example of the way natural forms combine with decorative motifs in Aboriginal art. Gift of Alcaston Gallery.
approx value $295
Nevin Hirik
Acrylic on Italian linen 92 x 122 cm

For Nevin Hirik, the female figure represents the focal point of the environment created around it. Her female figures are gentle, airily translucent and emotional. The figures are stripped back from the human to the energy of a soul. That soul orchestrates a mood, which dictates the observer's response to the image in view. Paintings, which engage an image, usually of a young female, are totally subjected to a background defining a mood. Nevin is a Melbourne based full time artist. Her work is widely collected in Australia and around the world. website
approx value $5,000
Neil Howe
Children Overboard
Professional Archival Inkjet print 44 x 19cm

Part of Howe's 'Children of War' series; which examines the plight of the child when societies are at war. The work is derived from mass media images portraying children as victims, casualties and as instruments of propaganda and manipulation. This series forms part of a larger body of work called 'Bodyscapes', that is, landscapes of the human body and the human social condition. website
approx value $650
Morris Lurie
Coiled Belt
oil pastels

Morris Lurie is the author of 36 books for adults and children.
Here, as in pop art, an everyday object is elevated to a study in colour and shape.
approx value $1,000
Mike Nicolls
Head, 1991
citrus wood 32 x 27

Mike Nicholls has been a full time artist for 24 years and is represented in many regional and state galleries and private collections as a sculptor and painter. This sculpture takes advantage of the heaviness of the wood: a punched-around face that grows out of an uncompromising piece of wood.
approx value $1,600
Mike Green
What Chicken
watercolour on paper 58 x 54.5 cm

Mike Green is considered one of Australia's leading watercolourists and has been exhibiting in Australia and overseas for nearly 50 years. This painting comes from Mike's most recent exhibition "Land", dealing with recent Australian history.
approx value $6,000
Mike Parr
Red Dread
silkscreen on Rives paper 100 x 70 cm

Mike Parr is one of Australia's most important, prolific and challenging artists. His media include performance, installation, drypoint etching, sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in major exhibitions in Brazil, Cuba, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan and Korea, Taiwan and the USA and throughout Australia, including (in 2000) in the 12th Biennale of Sydney. This is a text piece and artist's proof. Courtesy of the Anna Schwartz Gallery.
approx value $2,000
Michael Carroll
Residual Flat Top, Great Sandy Desert WA 1989
oil on canvas 105.5 x 131.2 cm

Michael Carroll is a painter who explores the world with pigment. Here a detailed landscape is balanced below a typically grand Australian sky.
Gift of Guy Abrahams. Christine Abrahams Gallery.
Michael Nicholson
Surfing to Freedom
oil on hard board 60 x 90 cm

Michael Nicholson is an artist and a film maker depicting, here, the Australian dream of the free life: yellow sands, breaking waves and surfing youth. website
approx value $500
Mervyn Hannan
Bay of Islands - Peterborough Victoria
oil on rag paper

Mervyn Hannan was born in Eltham among the artists of Monsalvat. He is a musician, painter and sculptor. He has travelled widely and has left much ephemeral art around the globe. He is currently sharing studios with his partner Jenni Mitchell at Monsalvat in Eltham. "I love experimenting with multi-media and the process of encouraging the sculptured form to emerge from the raw material."