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Matt Morrow
Computer Dump
enamel stencil on canvas

Matt Morrow is the 2007 winner of the Wyndham Contemporary Art Prize and is currently exhibiting in a group sculpture exhibition in the recently vacated Grenda Bus Depot in Dandenong. This work is inspired by the tip landscape and the discarded, obsolete, forgotten objects that litter our transient disposable lives. A comment on a colourless, disposable society
approx value $400
Marina Charapanovskaia
The Mount of Unrealised Dreams
oil on canvas Triptych 84 x 168 cm

Marina Charapanovskaia is Russian born and formally trained. She migrated to Australia in 1991 and continued her studies at the VCA. Her works resonate with an underlying serenity and sometimes an eerie otherness. Represented by Gallery 112.
approx value $1,900
Maria Leonard
Haensel and Gretel
felt pen, oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm

Maria Leonard has depicted memories of her childhood in the Black Forest. Here the familiar Haensel and Gretel story is retold from a childhood memory.
approx value $450
Margaret Neith
Brightening Up
Various fabrics, polyester batting and fill 48 x 48cm

Margaret Neith is a textile and print artist who has had several solo exhibitions of contemporary art wall hangings, collagraphs and prints. For relaxation and pleasure Margaret also makes pieced and machine embroidered cushions using original hand-dyed fabrics and interesting commercial prints.
approx value $65
Margaret Neith
Various fabrics, polyester batting and fill 48 x 48 cm

Patchwork cushions where texture echoes form. The artist has taken advantage of cushions as familiar objects to invite examination of intricacies in patchwork and variety in texture and colour.
approx value $65
Margaret Landvogt
Sky 1987
oil on canvas 138 x 169 cm

This is like a portion of sky in a Tiepolo - baroque, Venetian colouring and turbulence. Gift of Guy Abrahams. Christine Abrahams Gallery.
Golden Fish
Oil on canvas 172 x 53 cm

Magupela is a young artist from Mozambique. He has been living and exhibiting in Melbourne since 2005. He spent his adolescent years in the height of the Mozambican civil war and many of his artworks allude to the tough times families faced in this period. He also draws from his new home, Australia, and the blend of the two cultures and lifestyles is evident in much of his work. He has exhibited around the world including Italy and Kenya as well as Mozambique and Australia. website
approx value $1,000
Lynne Boyd
Sky, enchanted veil
pastel and pencil on Arches paper 38 x 56 cm

Lynne Boyd is fascinated by the natural elements of light, air and water. She is also interested in the way text, be it song, poetry or prose, engages with the imagination. She often immerses textual fragments within the space of the picture. This drawing attempts to explore sky light changing at dusk.
approx value $990
Lisa Over
Saku (triptych)
Acrylic and mixed media 91.5 x 31 cm

Lisa Over is a professional artist who has exhibited in Australia and overseas, here evoking the ancient tablets and palimpsests that somehow survive the ages.
approx value $750
Linda Hughes
Deco earrings
sterling silver and laminate 4 x 1 cm

Linda Hughes is a graduate of RMIT specialising in contemporary jewellery, here using an art deco image in a new context; in an original and restrained design.
approx value $280
Lance Lessels
A Long Thread
acrylic on canvas 50 x 50 cm

Lance Lessels uses surrealist methods to suggest the human form.
The image intends to work on several levels: from curtain and couch to tomb with onlooking figures disappearing as the thread unravels.
Kay Stewart
Hoi An Vietnam
pen and water colour

Since the 1960s, Kay Stewart has kept a visual diary of her travels. This work was painted during a journey through Laos and Vietnam. A charming pen and ink sketch of a Vietnamese café and its surrounds.
approx value $450
Kate Durham
mixed media

Kate Durham is a refugee advocate as well as a celebrated artist. She has had exhibitions in London, Tokyo, New York and most Australian cities. She is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria and other major collections.
approx value $650
Kate Durham
Trust, Lust, Chaos and Cruelty
3 x signed books

See left. T, L, C & C is "... a sweet but sardonic pictorial anthology for adults." The games played around the courtrooms of couches, where kisses have consequences and alliteration abounds.
retail value $35 each
Karsten Stier
Laughter in the Wind
oil on canvas 93 x 88 cm

Karsten Stier likes to capture the fleeting glimpse that is usually experienced when a particular moment is first seen. Laughter in the Wind is based on the innocence and joy of childhood. The laughing figure is caught in a fleeting moment of hope and joy. The surface of the work makes the image more memorable. Represented by Gallery 112.
approx value $1,100
Karla Knight
Curious Pelican
ceramic Raku fired

Karla Knight has always loved pelicans and wanted to capture their ungainly and humorous character. The essence of the pelican has been re-invented through curves and lines of raku pottery.
approx value $350
Kari Henriksen
Ricketts Point
Pigment ink on paper 18.5 x 25 cm

Kari Henriksen's work is intended to direct the viewer's gaze toward nature where the observed changes in weather and seasons serve as a reminder of our changing cycles of life and the passage of time. Stilled moments in time that have now passed. This landscape is reminiscent of Impressionists such as Charles Condor. The ability to wash colour over definite form to striking effect. website
Juliet Flesch
canvas and wool 50 x 44cm

Juliet Flesch says creating tapestry is a good substitute for smoking or eating while watching television. It's especially good for people who can't draw!
Julie Carter
Flower Pendant
sterling silver 18 carat gold, antique glass pendant on sterling silver cable 15 x 14cm including cable

Julie Carter has been a practising jeweller for 20 years. She has a fascination for patterns and decoration. She works in gold, silver, enamel, gems and semi precious stones, here in a sophisticated piece that takes advantage of the contrast between silver and antique glass. website
approx value $450
Julie Wain
Bushfire Regrowth 2007
Acrylic paint and polymer medium on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Julie Wain paints surgical art and landscape. She is a perioperative nurse and sensitively captures intimate surgical, technical detail. Her landscapes capture the contrasts of our harsh climate. Both separately give attention to light, texture and colour.
approx value $800
Julie Wells
Pears on batik
oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm

Julie Wells paints in Studio 106 in St Kilda. Her work has been shown in five group exhibitions over the past four years and is represented in a number of private collections. A post-impressionist still life. A bright clear image.
approx value $300
Julian Burnside
Watching Brief
signed book

Julian Burnside QC, famous refugee advocate, National Living Treasure, artist, author, and generous public figure. website
retail value $32.95
Julian Burnside
Word Watching
signed book

Julian Burnside QC, famous refugee advocate, National Living Treasure, artist, author, and generous public figure. website
retail value $27.95
Judy Horacek
Woman with a Present
Screenprint; acrylics on Magnani paper # 6/120

Judy Horacek is a cartoonist, writer, and artist. Her work has been published widely both in Australia and overseas and she is represented in national collections. website
approx value $100
Judy Horacek
Orange Diva

Judy Horacek is a cartoonist, writer, and artist. Her work has been published widely both in Australia and overseas and she is represented in national collections. website
approx value $100
Juan Davila
Guacolda Del Carmen Gallardo
silkscreen on paper 120 x 80 cm

The silkscreen print represents Guacolda del Carmen Gallardo, San Salvadorean Ambassador to the UN. A picture related to one of the artist’s favourite images and in his heightened realist style. The Ambassador is a striking figure in gorgeous cobalt blue.
approx value $4,000
Joyce Evans
Jerusalem Girl - 'I Am Safe' 1949 - 2007
Archival Inkjet on water colour paper

Evans is a practising artist photographer, has exhibited extensively in Australia and in France and her photographs are held in major collections. The original photograph of Jerusalem Girl was taken by her in 1949 in the quarter of Jerusalem which was then vulnerable to sniper bullets. Evans is asking:  "Are they safe? Are we Safe?" in Australia under our Anti-Terrorism laws?
approx value $500
Joyce Evans
Arkley, 2002
Archival Inkjet on water colour paper 30.5 x 41.0 cm

See previous entry. Arkley is one of many dogs to enjoy the Mt Martha boardwalk. Your eye is drawn to his baleful look.
approx value $500
Joyce Evans
Greenhood Orchid and Web, 2004
Archival Inkjet on water colour paper 25.5 x 18.0 cm

See previous entry. The Greenhood is a tiny native flower about the size of a 5 cent piece found in Mt Martha and photographed in situ. The image, a close-up of a somewhat evanescent plant, invites and rewards close examination.
approx value $500
Joy Elizabeth Lea
Warburton Landscape
oil on primed archival paper 90 x 110

In this work Joy Elizabeth Lea has created an impression of the forest and mountains she sees every time she ventures outside her home in Warburton, Victoria. Her work offers a response to the myriad textures, lines, shapes and colours in nature. It is a reflection of her inner responses to nature in its many forms. A moody yet happy landscape.
approx value $800
Josie Wadelton
Dream Homes
acrylic on canvas 61 x 45.7 cm

For Josie Wadelton the elements in this painting represent the dreams and hopes of the refugee: windows, rooftops, trees are all symbolic fundamentals of what makes up a home, 2008. An ironic comment on the suburban housing that often represents 'home'. website
approx value $630
Joseph Carter
Risking Life and Limb
mixed media collage with various treatments 44 x 48 cm

Joseph Carter has a diploma in visual arts, majoring in photography from RMIT in 2000. He has held various exhibitions in both Melbourne and Sydney and his work is represented in many private collections. This work is mixed media collage and is painted on old wooden building material. It represents the hardships endured by refugees coming to Australia risking life for a better future. Joseph's father was a Jewish refugee who came to Australia on the famous ship "The Dunera" during the 2nd World War.
approx value $500
Jorge de Araujo
Dili - East Timor
photo print on canvas 100 x 66 cm

Jorge de Araujo is a Melbourne based photographer with an array of clients both interstate and overseas. He is a recognised artist who has won several awards. His work has been published and exhibited in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and South Africa. Jorge's inspiration comes from creating work that touches and inspires others. He is particularly active around social and cultural issues using art to inspire social change. website
approx value $1,200
Jon Campbell
acrylic on cardboard 42 x 32 cm

"Jon Campbell has been a prime mover in the well trodden road of do-it-yourself and rock'n'roll values in contemporary art. He is one of the earliest artists to advocate that artists make their own fame by emulating rock'n'roll gestures in contemporary art. He has created work that in style and content was modelled on the simplicity of the three chord song."
approx value $2,000
Jon Cattapan
Fundamenti Nove study v, 2007
etching printed in 1 colour from copper plate with hand colouring 28 x 38 cm

Jon is an established artist who deals with representations of the urban and social narrative. His work is held in most major Australian galleries. This work, donated by Jon, is from a series of prints made at the Venice Printmaking Studio in 2007 as part of a residency organised by the Australian Print Workshop. Telling line work makes the crowd come to life. A fine red grid overlay enhances a sense of perspective created by the distant building. Courtesy of Sutton Gallery
approx value $750
John Howley
City Man, Green Woman.
oil on canvas 25.5 x 35.5 cm

John Howley is a well known artist - a painter, improvisational musician and a finalist of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. He is a representative of the Fantastic Realism genre and is represented in public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria and in corporate and private collections.
approx value $2,500
John van Loon
Port Melbourne

John van Loon is a semi-retired graphic designer and book illustrator who has loved painting watercolours for many years. Light and subtle, this is a well executed and realistic water colour of its subject.
approx value $800
Jo and Lis Bisset
No. 1 Carpet Factory, China
Handmade felt on canvas, Merino and corriedale wool, cotton, rayon and silk fabric. 43 x 43 cm

Jo and Lis Bisset collaborate as textile artists, specialising in felt making, their inspirations derived from their travels. Jo is a practising artist working in multi-media, Lis is a practisting artist and textile teacher. This work is inspired by a visit to a carpet factory along the silk road in China. A fine example of textile as an art medium. website
Jill Symes
Vessel, White with Red & Black
High-fired earthenware clay, glazed, decorated with slips, oxide and stains

Jill Symes is a professional Melbourne-based ceramic artist whose work has been exhibited and collected around Australia and abroad for over 35 years. She creates organic forms which reflect her interest in the connection between humans and the natural world. The tactile appeal of this piece is both organic and classical with decoration that recalls images from Japanese work.
approx value $360
Jenny Watson
The horse she bred died
silkscreen - Diptych 14/25

Jenny Watson divides her time between Brisbane and Europe. Jenny has a Diploma of Painting, from National Gallery of Victoria Art School, Melbourne (1972) She is represented in many collections both public and private around the world. Courtesy of the Anna Shwartz Gallery.
approx value $1,500
Jennifer Fletcher
Looking Glass
Limited Edition Digital Print using Archival Pigment Inks on 250 gsm Art Paper 58 x 78 cm

Fletcher's works are the culmination of many years' experience as a printmaker and experimentation with mixed media and new technology. "Fragments of memory, Connections of spirit, Breath of life, Yearnings hidden and secret, Bitter and Sweet". A digital print on the theme of memory as it comes in fragments; vague and sometimes frightening
approx value $495