Thanks to ...

A fabulous horde of volunteers; too many to acknowledge,
but nothing would happen without you.

Bruce Weatherhead, for our venerable logo

Phaedra Press, for the small illustrations in the galleries

Phillipe Batters and Bill McHarg; auctioneers extraordinaire

Diana Gold, Gallery 101, MC of the Preview and the Auction

Mystique Print for the invitations (for the 4th time)

Fabulous Experiences In Tuscany (that's Buzz)

Bob Sedergreen
for the Preview jazz

Jennifer Lund for the auction day piano

Helen Patterson and Barbara Dyke for the workers' vittles

Sue Roff/Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbAF) for enthusiastic advice.

Glen Eira City Council Gallery, because you're a big help

Thanks to the galleries ...

Alcaston Gallery

Anna Schwartz Gallery

Christine Abrahams Gallery
Dianne Tanzer Gallery
Gallery 112
Sutton Gallery

Thanks for the wine ...

(it's a link, click it)

Thanks for the frames ...

Michael Cleary, OMNUS Framing 03 9419 2226

Wolfgang Sievers' framer who is very generous and "doesn't want any more work."

And more ...

(this list isn't complete)

If you know of someone who should be included here,
please let us know.